How to Donate
If you would like to donate to Fitness 4 Charity, we have several way to be of service to you. 

Credit Card: All of your tax deductable donations are routed via PayPal, by clicking on the donate button below, and on the main page.  All donations are tax deductible, as allowed by law.  We are an appointed 501C3 Cali-fornia Corporation.  Our Federal Identification Not For Profit number is:

Thank you so much for your kind support.


Check / Money Order:
  To make a donation with a check or money order, send it to, Fitness 4 Charity, 22647 Ventura Blvd. #262 Woodland Hills CA 91364.

Equipment Donations: For equipment, please CLICK HERE for the donation form page. In the first form fill out the information with all the equipment information you have. This will be filed in our records and put in review for needed equipment. As always we greatly appreciate any and all donation requests.

Services/Other Donations: If you would like to donate a service or any other products other than fitness equipment, CLICK HERE and fill out the "Other Donations" Form. This will be filled in our records and put up in review for any needed services/other items. As always we greatly appreciate any and all donation request's. 

While equipment is taken on an as is basis, we ask for any known problems to be disclosed. We reserve the right to refuse the acceptance and/or collection of equipment for any reason. We will ask, if need be, that proof of ownership of equipment be provided, and identification may be asked for and kept on file. It is against the law to donate equipment that is the property of others. Therefore, a confidential consent and ownership form for most pieces larger pieces of equipment will need to be filled out by the owner, or authorized agent of said equipment only. Please disclose all problems, and or injuries to people caused by equipment. If you are giving away equipment that is dangerous, and/or has injured people in the past, and you do not disclose this, you could be held legally liable. Fitness 4 Charity, any of its officers, affiliates, and other involved companies will not be held liable in anyway for any harm caused from the equipment in any way. We are simply a company giving away equipment to those that need it, and if there is a person or company trying to circumvent this system, by donating poor or dangerous equipment, they will be held legally liable to the full extent of the law.


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