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This is a page for those seeking equipment to fill out.  

Equipment Request Form

These figures are very important, as equipment must fit, and MUST be provided

Full Name:
Organization Name:
Contact Person:
Who are they and why are they seeking this equipment?
Is this for a non-profit company?
How long have they been in business?
If this is a business, will people be paying money in anyway to use this equipment?
Which equipment are they seeking?
What is their time frame?
Which equipment do they have now?
Can they afford to donate any money to assist with costs of labor and transportation?
Will there be people to assist in setting up the equipment?
Are there trained staff involved within the facility or home who know how to use the equipment?
Planned usage.
Location where the equipment will be used:
Description of Facility:

Photo Album of all the equipment we have



While every effort is made to accept donated equipment in as good of condition as we can, many times inspections are visual only.  Other equipment does not actually come to our warehouse, but is shipped directly from the donation site to the receiver.  Therefore, there is no warranty either implied nor directly expressed in anyway.  This means receivers are fully responsible for all repairs, maintenance, and anyone using the equipment.

Neither this company, any of its officers, affiliates, and other involved companies shall be held liable in anyway for any harm caused from the equipment in any way.  You are using exercise equipment, and it is used.   There is no warranty in anyway, or under any circumstances.  This means, in the worst of circumstances, serious injury, and even death can result from usage.  While we would never send out dangerous equipment intentionally, you may receive it anyway, and let this declare that it is the new owners full responsibility to have qualified personnel test and check the equipment.

Instructional material is subject to copyright laws, and may not be copied without written permission from author or agent. 
Company reserves the right to substitute equipment if necessary.  Customer may return equipment they do not want at their own expense, and will be liable for any damages to the full extent of the law.

Customers who mislead Fitness For Charity Inc by pretending to have no funding and be in need will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  This is not a site for anyone to take advantage of our assistance.  This site is designed for those in need; anyone abusing this privilege will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Customers who sell equipment donated to them will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, be liable for any and all costs of these actions.   Equipment may not be sold, nor given away for profit without written permission from F4C.  If you must give up what you have received, you must give it away.  Working with our company means that you agree to this completely.  

Parties agree to use equipment for purpose of exercising and related instructions only.





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