John Paul Ouvrier, The Wizard of Youth, began his career in the fitness industry by selling exercise equipment in Los Angeles nearly 20 years ago.  His background as a professional ballroom dancer led to an easy transition of taking proper movement, and translating that to selling exercise equipment. 

However, he noticed a growing problem:  People didn’t do anything with their old equipment once they stopped using it.  More often than not, it could not be sold, or given away. 

John’s store and countless others across the United States throw old equipment away every week.  John’s co-workers and his brother, Matt would try and give as much away as they could to those in need, but nothing was officially organized.  Eventually, there was too much equipment, and the needs of those in need too great to not organize a body of dedicated people to officiate a donation program.  Hence, Fitness 4 Charity was born.
A personal note from Mr. Ouvrier
We would like to take this moment to thank the thousands of people over the past 20 years who have donated equipment to my brother and I.  You probably don’t know how many children, and adults in need whose lives you have changed for the better.  Thanks to your kind gifts, we have been able to put this not for profit company together to continue to sponsor those that would not get another chance at health in such a magnificent way.  You are the unsung hero’s today.  God bless you.

Please take a moment and click on our ever growing list of sponsored links that help us out.  If their services are something you need, please tell them we sent you!  If you are reading this, and you have received equipment from us over the years, please email us a picture and success story, and we will include you in our photo album.  Don’t hesitate to write us for any reason, you’re kind gifts and or usage of those gifts have made you part of our family, and that means you’re not a stranger here.

Best of health to all,  
John Paul Ouvrier
The Wizard of Youth

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