Welcome to the Fitness 4 Charity web site

In today’s world, exercise has become more important to maintain health and youth than ever. The proper fitness equipment can be a lifesaver.

 Here in the United States, while we are blessed with the latest in exercise and fitness equipment, there is one big problem that has never been addressed. Once this equipment is not needed anymore, then what?

Millions of people have older exercise equipment they do not use or need. Most of us have something in the garage or closet. And this can present a dilemma. 

What do we do to get rid of our old exercise equipment? The average store will not take it in trade. It’s difficult to sell. Friends and family won’t always take it. Sadly, millions of dollars worth of perfectly good exercise equipment is thrown away every year. Now there is a solution to this problem, and Fitness 4 Charity is the answer.

 There are homes for all the used and working pieces of exercise equipment throughout the United States and abroad. There is a bigger need and demand than can be imagined. And there is more than enough equipment to go around.